Symbols of Post-Bankruptcy

Detroit’s widely publicized grand bargain questions more than the extrinsic value of art.

In a post on ARTSblog this month, Sustain Art’s Southeast Michigan partner Maud Lyon, Executive Director of Culture Source, emphasizes the collaborative approach the city is taking to securing its long-term cultural legacy, post-bankruptcy.

While support for the bargain rolls in, with recent weeks seeing contributions from a band of local and national corporations, it’s the Detroit Institute of Arts’ expansive collection that initially brought so many diverse stakeholders to the table. If the plan is approved, Detroit is positioned to move out of bankruptcy by 2016, retirees will take far less of a hit to their pensions, and the DIA’s collection will become a protected asset.

For Lyon, “The DIA is a symbol of what we want to have after bankruptcy; a city with beautiful things in it, for everyone.”

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